Favourites: Rooftops, Memories & What If’s

hhhooftops, memories & what if’s.

I fall in love with things quite easily. Be it people, buildings, places, clothes, etc. Every month, week and day I find new things I obsess about, new things that excite me.

This week, I want to share some of those things, since I also love to see and read what other people are using and loving.

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L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius.

This product changed my morning routine completely and made me more confident, when it comes to my skin care. It hydrates so well, my skin feels fresh the whole day (!) after I use it, and as a plus it gives me a nice glow.

It costs € 9,99, which is a great price for a good skin care product.






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… are honestly so much fun.

Simple as that.

Every good party should have one. Everytime I see one, my friends will have to take a photo with me – no buts.









Rooftop bars.

A good outfit. A big city. Lots of people and you on a rooftop. What else could I want from a night out?

I took this photo in Berlin at the club House of Weekend. Our agency hosted their summer party there. The view was stunning. So many lights. So many good memories.





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Therapeutic fasting.

Atm I am very interested in fasting. My flatmate Anneke knows a lot about nutrition and has lend me this book about fasting.

It’s so interesting how many misconceptions I’ve had about food and what a priority it has become in my mind and my life. And also, how addicted I have become to artificial food and sugar.

Anneke and I will probably do a fasting cure together, let’s see how it will go.



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Red lips.

Autumn equals orange leaves, cozy rainy movie days and red lips to me. Some of the best things in life.

I am thrilled to wear more red lipsticks again, now that the weather has turned colder. My friend Lea gave me this liquid lipstick for my birthday. I already wore it out on a party, and just love the shade. I’m obsessed!





What If’s.

I always have “what if” day dreams. Like what if I lived in Vienna and like another life comes to mind.

A girl I have met wrote this to me today and I thought it was really beautiful. I love daydreaming and imagining all kinds of scenarios, especially while sitting on the train or walking and listening to music. I feel really inspired when thinking about „What If“ scenarios, which is why I had to put this idea in this blog post.

What are your favourite things this month? What do you love and obsess about at the moment? Tell me, I’m very curious 🤓

Muchos amor, Chris


Life Update: Saying Yes

Sonnenuntergang. Das erste Mal Segeln. Gute Laune, tolle Menschen. Und das hätte ich um ein Haar verpasst.

Die ganze Woche hatte ich schon viel unternommen, und an diesem Abend war wieder etwas geplant. Ich wollte nicht hingehen, weil ich zu müde war und einfach keine Lust hatte. Früher wäre ich ohne große Überlegungen hingegangen. Ich möchte ja nichts verpassen. Ich bin nur einmal jung und will jeden Tag nutzen so gut es geht.

In den letzten Monaten war das anders. Ich habe Dinge oft abgesagt, weil ich mich nicht gut fühlte. Und das war auch keine Ausrede – ich fühlte mich ja wirklich nicht danach. Aber wisst ihr was? Mein früheres Ich hatte recht. Ich will in meinem Leben so viel wie möglich erleben, neue Menschen kennenlernen und jede Sekunde nutzen. Denn auch wenn es dramatisch klingt: Unser Leben ist kurz, und es vergeht schneller als gedacht.

Und klar, Ruhepausen braucht jeder, aber ich weiß, ich hatte jetzt genug davon.

Also ging ich mit zum Segeln (nach langem Überreden einer Freundin)… und es war einer der besten Abende dieses Jahr. Ich habe auf einem Boot einen wunderschönen Sonnenuntergang gesehen, habe viele tolle Menschen kennengelernt, lange tiefgründige Gespräche geführt, neue Orte entdeckt, alte Musik wiederentdeckt und mit all dem Erinnerungen für’s Leben gemacht.

Was ist passiert?

Zwei Monate bin ich jetzt schon hier in Hamburg, und neben den schönen Momenten und Tagen wie ebendiesen, ist einiges passiert – auch in meinem Kopf. Meine „Say yes to Adventures“-Einstellung kommt zurück, und auch meine Liebe zum Leben und zu mir selbst.

Viel zu lange hat sich nichts extrem gut oder extrem schlecht angefühlt – alles war so normal. Und die Zeit hier vergeht einfach viel zu schnell. Zwei Monate um, zwei Monate noch vor mir.

Zuhause ist da wo deine Freunde sind

So sehr ich diese Stadt auch liebe, eines habe ich hier auf jeden Fall erkannt: Wie wichtig mir meine Freunde sind, und wie sehr ich sie vermisse. Mehr denn je. WhatsApp Chats und Skype Calls helfen zwar, aber es ist einfach nicht dasselbe.

Ich bin aber dankbar für diese Erkenntnis, denn so kann ich all die Menschen, die ich liebe umso mehr schätzen. Und ebenso alle neuen Menschen, die ich tagtäglich kennenlerne, und die mich inspirieren.

Wofür seid ihr diese Woche dankbar? Habt ihr bereits in einem anderen Land gewohnt? Wie war das für euch?

Ich wünsche jedem eine schöne Woche,


Watching the sunset. Sailing for the first time. Having a good time with great people. And I nearly missed out on it.

I have done so much this past week, and that night I had plan again. I didn’t want to go. Frankly, I was way too tired. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, of course I would have gone!!  I didn’t want to miss out on anything. We only live once and we should live every day like it’s our last.

However, the past months, I felt differently. I would cancel plans often, because I simply didn’t feel good. But you know what? The Christine two years ago was right. I want to live, experience things. Make the most of my time and meet new people. And as cheesy as it sounds: Life is short, and it goes by faster than we think.

And yes, everyone needs breaks here and there, but I’ve had enough of them.

So I went sailing with the others and it was one of the best evenings this year. I have seen a beautiful sunset on a boat, met lots of interesting people, had long deep talks, saw new places in Hamburg, rediscovered good music and made memories for life.

What has happened?

I am living here in Hamburg for two months now, and lots of things have happened, especially in my mind. My „Saying yes to adventures“-mindset is back, as well as my love for life and myself.

Nothing has really felt extremely good or bad for such a long time, everything just seemed so normal. And the time here just flies by so fast. Two months over, another two to go.

Home is where your friends are

As much as I love this city, one thing I have learnt here for sure: How important my friends are to me, and how much I miss them. More than ever. WhatsApp chats and Skype calls help a lot, but it’s just not the same without them here.

I am very grateful for this insight though, because now I appreciate the people I love much more. As well as the amazing new people I get to meet every day, who inspire me.

What are you thankful for? Have you ever lived in a different country? What was your experience like?

I hope you have a wonderful week,

xx Chris

Coffee Talk: Dating Ideas & Second Dates

So, do you have anything special planned for tonight?

I was thinking you could come to my place and we can cook something, how does that sound?

Second date at his home? Or is it too soon for that?

I don’t think that it is too soon, I actually think it is a really nice idea. Cooking something together in a comfortable atmosphere – that is one of the nicest date ideas! However, when I told my friends about this plan nearly everyone said to me something like „Oh really, you are already going to his place?“

What do people usually do on second dates? I feel like the problem with this second date was that him and I literally covered everything you could do on a „typical“ afterwork date the first time round: we had something to eat, took a walk along the lake, got drinks and talked for hours. The next thing was that we had limited time. As I have mentioned, we could only meet up after work (around 7 p.m.). Also, none of us really had time on the weekends after.

So what would you have done? Would you have cancelled because you didn’t want to go to his place yet? Or would you have invited him over instead? What do you think about second dates at home? Do you think it is too soon?

Moreover, second dates can be so awkward sometimes. Both of you know you want more than friendship, but you are not that close enough yet to kiss each other, or touch. It is still the getting-to-know-each-other-phase even though you are super attracted to this other person.

However, maybe I only feel like that because I haven’t been on a second date in what feels like forever! It must be over a year – and that actually didn’t really feel like dating to me (it was more like a friendship to me looking back at it).

What are your favourite activities to do on first and second dates? Do you also feel weird sometimes while you are still getting to now them? What are your thoughts on these topics?

Much love,


Hast du schon etwas geplant für heute oder möchtest du spontan entscheiden?

Ich dachte wir könnten bei mir zusammen kochen, wie findest du die Idee?

Zweites Date bei ihm zuhause: Gute Idee oder zu früh?

Ich persönlich finde es nicht zu früh. Eigentlich ist es eine echt gute Idee: in einer gemütlichen Atmosphäre  lecker kochen – eine der schönsten Date Ideen! Als ich meinen FreundInnen von diesem Plan erzählt habe, waren die meisten aber etwas geschockt und haben Dinge gesagt wie „Ach echt, du besuchst ihn jetzt schon bei sich zuhause?“

Was unternimmt man denn normalerweise bei zweiten Treffen? Das Problem bei diesem Date war, dass er und ich alles „Typische“ schon beim ersten Date unternommen hatten: wir waren essen, beim See spazieren, danach noch etwas trinken und haben stundenlang geredet. Dazu kam, dass wir beide bei der Zeit nicht so flexibel waren. Wir haben das Treffen nach der Arbeit (gegen 19 Uhr) geplant und an den darauffolgenden Wochenenden hatten wir beide nicht wirklich Zeit.

Was hättest du in dieser Situation gemacht? Das Date einfach mal abgesagt / verschoben? Oder wärst du zu ihm nachhause gefahren oder hättest ihn zu dir eingeladen? Was denkst du über zweite Dates bei ihm zuhause? Findest du, dass das zu früh ist?

Zudem können zweite Dates manchmal richtig komisch werden. Ihr beide wollt offensichtlich etwas voneinander, aber ihr geht noch nicht so offen und direkt damit um, dass ihr euch küssen würdet oder berührt. Ihr seid immer noch in dieser Kennenlernphase, obwohl ihr euch gegenseitig anziehend findet.

Vielleicht finde ich zweite Dates auch nur so weird, weil ich  seit einer gefühlten Ewigkeit keines hatte. Sicher schon seit einem Jahr, und das letzte Mal als ich mich das zweite Mal mit jemandem getroffen habe, war es auch eher freundschaftlich für mich.

Was sind eure Ideen für erste und zweite Dates? Findet ihr manche Situationen auch so komisch? Was ist eure Meinung zu diesen Themen?

Bis zum nächsten Mal,


Life Update #2 & April Style Inspiration


Today I want to update you on some exciting things & I want to show you some of my favourite Pinterest style inspirations for spring! Let’s start with the life updates:

Moving to Hamburg

Yes, you read that correctly! I will move to Hamburg for a few months in the second half of this year. I will do an internship in an advertising agency and I am beyond excited to go there and explore the city. I fell in love with Hamburg when I was there the past summer, so I’ve applied to some agencies there, and luckily one of them wants me as an intern! 🙂 Let’s see what this experience will hold for me

Bella Roma, here we come!

Last week, my friend Anna and I spontaneously booked a flight to Rome this June. I love Italy so so much, and I already missed it a lot which is why I was really happy when she showed me the Urlaubsguru offer she found.. We just had to book straight away! I’ve been to Rome twice already, but I will take every chance I get to go back.

Every time I fall in love with a place, I leave part of my heart there. Maybe that’s why I tend to always come back there after some time.

Getting back on track

I have finally (!!) started to work out regularly again – and it has never been so much fun. Working out is the perfect „Me-Time“ for me, it gets my stress and frustrations out and has such a positive and meditating effect for my mind. Especially now that the weather gets warmer each day, I really enjoy being active.

My March favourites 

Movie: The Greatest Showman

Podcast: Girlboss Radio by Sophia Amoruso

Shop: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

IG account: @everyoutfitofsatc – you can thank me later for this one

April Outfit Inspirations

Here are some of my favourite styles for spring. Disclaimer: I found all of the images on Pinterest. Hopefully, the pictures will inspire you as well xx

Much love and happy Easter in advance,



Summer Day in Hamburg


Todays post is dedicated to one of my favourite outfits this past summer. Since I love wearing black dresses, I fell in love with this one – especially because it’s also fit for summer. I paired it with a light bomber jacket which was perfect for a summer day in Hamburg, as it can still get pretty windy there. The bag has golden details which matched the jewellery on my hands. For shoes, I chose sneakers – simple but great for city trips since you’ll probably walk around a lot.

You can find the details here:

Jacket: Pimkie (similar one)

Dress: Asos

Bag: Vero Moda (similar)

Shoes: Converse

Jewellery: New One

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I hope you like this post. I loved making it & I looove love love reading posts like this and looking through different outfit ideas! Also, feel free to leave comments – I appreciate every feedback!

If you want to know what we did in Hamburg, just klick here.

Love, Christine



Berlin + Hamburg

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A lesson that I have learned on my trip to Germany: Nothing happens as you expect it to & so much can go wrong when you are traveling!

The trip started out perfectly fine. My friend Melanie & I planned to visit our friend Destina in Berlin and spend a day in Hamburg before flying back home. We flew from Bratislava to Berlin-Schönefeld (the airline Ryanair offers flights from Bratislava which are much cheaper than the flights from Vienna). Destina picked us up there and we stayed at the place she rents.


On the first evening, we mostly talked to catch up and cooked us some food (we also went grocery shopping which was quite fun – don’t know why but I just love buying groceries and food haha).

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On the second day, we spent the whole day strolling around the city. First, we went to  Brandenburg Gate where we sat down in the middle of the street and drank lemonade. It was so much fun – the city and the people there have such a youthful and laid-back vibe. I absolutely loved the atmosphere! Afterwards, we went to the Berlin Cathedral, the Lustgarten, the Mall of Berlin (honestly, the most beautiful mall I’ve ever been to) and Alexanderplatz, which is located right next to the TV tower.

Things to do: Visit Café Einstein – they make delicious coffee (also with soy milk!). Also, visit the Rittersport shop! You can make your own Rittersport chocolate there!! You can choose the chocolate flavour and up to three fillings. I made myself a dark chocolate bar with strawberry and raspberry flakes and caramelized almonds – it was so delicious!

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On the third day, we packed our bags and hit the road to Hamburg. The day before, we booked ourselves tickets for the Flixbus and spontaneously found a nice hotel to stay in. The drive was about  3 1/2 hours long. In Hamburg, we stayed at the Pension am Rathaus which is located in the centre of the city. It’s also close to the central bus station where our bus arrived.

We went shopping at the Mönckeberg street (visit the shop Reserved, I just loved the clothes they have there!). Subsequently, we took a long walk by the harbour and the Elbphilharmonie. Everything was so close to our hotel, we didn’t have to use public transport!

What else to do: Go eat at bona’me! The flair of the restaurant is amazing and the food looked really good. Sadly, we didn’t eat there because we were’nt hungry when we found the restaurant, but I can really recommend the lime blossom tea and the Rhubarb Sherbet – they were delicious.

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Hamburg was so lovely. I felt so at peace there.. The city, the atmosphere, the people, the buildings, the harbour – I loved everything and I just need to go back someday!

Missed flight & 14-hour train ride

Let’s get to the part now, where everything went wrong haha.. Everything was fine at the beginning, Melanie and I found a great place to stay in Hamburg, we had no problems with the flight, we had so much fun, etc. … We even started to get suspicious – if you would know Melanie or me you’d know that both of us are extremely chaotic people! hahaha .. So we started to think that something just had to go wrong – and well it did.

On our last day, we took the Flixbus from Hamburg to Berlin where our flight would departure. We even booked the early bus just in case something would go wrong & we would still get to the airport on time. Well.. turns out there was a big traffic jam and we got stuck. We would be 2 h late but there was still a slight chance that we would catch our flight. However, then the bus driver announced that we needed to stop at a stopping place, for 45 minutes. We didn’t have wifi, the bus driver didn’t help us when ewe tried to talk to him, we didn’t knew where we were..

Nobody could help us and we had to decide fast what we would do.

In the end, the overall best option was to buy train tickets back home. The worst thing was that the train tickets were quite expensive and Flixbus wouldn’t give us back the money for the bus ride (the bus arrived nearly 4 hours late, so I guess that was the least they could have done..). In addition, it would take us 14 hours more to get home, which was exhausting. Melanie had to go to work the next day either.

When you travel, you really can’t plan something 100%. Everything is possible and so so much can go wrong. The most important thing is to keep cool and laugh about it – after all it could have been waaay worse haha

Furthermore, you never know who you could meet in situations like this. Melanie and I met so many interesting people.. a woman who told me exactly what I needed to hear and an old man who had many fascinatig stories to tell. That made the train ride really worth it in the end.

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I believe that everything that happens at some point in our life has a reason. Everything is a lesson to teach you something.

I will never forget this trip. It was everything from relaxing to exciting to adventurous and I had so much fun. I enjoyed the vibes Berlin gave me and fell in love with Hamburg. But I will probably go more into that in my next post.

Did you ever miss a flight or had a travel situation like this? If so, what did you do and how did you feel in that moment? I would love to here your stories.

Much love, Christine

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