What makes you feel most alive?

If somebody were to ask you, what it is that makes you feel most alive, the most yourself.. Would you know what to answer?

Us people tend to act like robots. We sleep, eat, go to school or work, eat and sleep again. Sometimes inbetween those things we find time to meet people, even though some of those people don’t make us happy. Like machines we live like that nearly every day.. but hold on, we don’t even live, we simply exist.

We don’t get of our comfort zones and we give in to the routine of daily life. 

And for some of us that is okay, some people love routine, they need structure. However, I also meet so many people who hate this 9-to-5-life, and want to really seize their time while they are alive but simply don’t do it because it is too difficult, too expensive… Simply not easy enough.

But it is easy! People just tend to overthink and make things difficult, they subconsciously seek complications.

In order to show you how simple it can be to feel alive, I asked random people on Tumblr when they felt most alive. Here is what they answered:

Stars can't shine

As you can see, it can be so so simple! All of those things can be switched up and incorporated into daily life! Let’s all break our routines and do more of the things that really make us happy!

Also, everyone said so many different things which displays how different all of us are. It is amazing, like the world is a puzzle with all of us people as different puzzle pieces. Nobody is the same and that is so fascinating – so let’s embrace that as well!

Let’s live.



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